I am available for in-person consultations, assessments, and training sessions within NEW DELHI or GURUGRAM.

Sessions may include any or all of the following –

Movement assessment to troubleshoot and provide solutions for problem areas for long-term training.

Body part specific training – to improve neuromuscular efficiency to lagging body parts.

Training sessions tailored to your individual biomechanics and goals.

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12 Personal Training Sessions



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16 Personal Training Sessions



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20 Personal Training Sessions




Bodybuilding is not just an art. It requires a massive amount of brain games, Science, Technology, and much more. The amount of control you have over health, body composition, strength, and muscle gain with proper exercise execution, training, and program design is grossly underestimated. I provide the knowledge needed to produce results on an individual basis. Treating every individual as NUMBER 1 empowers me to make the most effective exercise choices, training, and nutrition programs and makes it easier to make you understand your body. 

Overall, to display something magnificently unique that is truly your own.



Being someone who specifically coaches or trains an athlete to improve on their strength in all facets of life – physically, psychological, emotionally – is truly a rewarding experience.

It continues to excite me to work with someone and watch the transformation process they go through from the novice lifter into the elite athlete.

Whether they are in a competitive sport or not, I consider all of my clients athletes. It’s not just the increase in raw strength and development of the physique that motivates me.

The focus and dedication required to be able to continually progress in maximal physical strength have to be nurtured in the same way you would any elite athlete.

I’m fortunate enough to be in a position to provide that nurturing to those who come to me.


I believe if you raise your fitness you will raise your GAME. Each individual sport requires different sporting attributes, knowing and understanding these is key to developing Athletic Performance. I am in the business of building bodies for performance while enhancing natural ability, I work with each individual athlete to develop proper mechanics, turning activities inhabits, and advice on injury prevention to become an unstoppable PERFORMANCE MACHINE

My sports performance training improves functional movement to support the physical demands of life and sports. I help athletes of all levels shore up weaknesses, decrease injury risk, and build strength and power.


The majority of the population in our country work 10-12 even 15 hours hardcore. I have seen the lifestyle my parents used to have while I was studying. It is hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle due to all the stress/work/family or due to other health issues. But, I can make it happen and guide you on how you can perform better not just physically but mentally, You can't just say "I don't have time" or throw out excuses to not exercise, to not eat healthily, to not look good, to not feel better.

Let’s work together to make sure you are engaged, informed, and given the tools you need to take charge of your health. It's your machine you know it better than anyone.


I believe we must start while we are young. In today's generation, while there is technology, toxic food, and drinks messing up with our young generation's mind. It is important to guide them towards a healthy lifestyle and do their best.

Strength training is one part of a total fitness program. Kids and teens should get at least an hour a day of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day, including aerobic (cardio) activity, like running, biking, and playing outside. Also, be sure your child drinks plenty of liquids and eats a healthy diet for better performance and recovery.


Starting in this industry many years ago used to be very confusing, I'd say risky. I personally faced out of the world issues leading into where I stand today. There are a million aspects of fitness from bodybuilding, nutrition, strength training, business, and personal development.

As such, I am continually making the effort to not just learn from those around me, but to provide as many opportunities to those around me to learn from my experience and experiments.

Talk to me. I personally read and answer all my emails, Instagram DM's, or Facebook messages. So please allow up to 48 hours for a response.